Monday, January 16, 2012

King and The Beloved Community

"We only deserve his legacy if we move even beyond these demands to something even greater -- the ultimate destination that King stood for: a Beloved Community. 

Dr. King recognized that it was not enough to march, that it was not enough to sit-in, or enjoy equal access. This was merely the absence of negatives. King called us to a community that has moved past demands, to true brotherhood and sisterhood. The Beloved Community is a stunning vision of total relatedness. In this society, the divides that we currently live by, are subsumed into a community of love. It is a vision, as he saw it, of black and white together. Today we would have to expand those boundaries to many other ethnicities and lives. 

But knowing this also explains why Dr. King strove unrelentingly to bring white Americans along with him, rather than excluding them, as some in his movement desired. It was not because he was soft, as some claimed, but the opposite, because he was hardened, possessed of a transcendent vision."

Excerpted from Martin Luther King Day: Let King Be King via @huffingtonpost

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