Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Gospel and the Power of Positive Thinking

Sermon for the first Sunday of Lent, "God's Got Your Back." Trying to offer some critical tools on how to think theologically about PPT, and then make the "bow in the sky" imagery of Genesis a bit more polysemous, and specifically, more Christological.

Also trying to situate the whole "go and multiply" piece missiologically.

Along the way, Odysseus makes an appearance with his bow.


  1. Huh? "polysemous" "missiologically" "Alsotrying(?)" "Christological." Didn't Luther say something about the mass being in the common language of the people?

    Many years ago, up in Boston, a Catholic bishop said: "I find Saint Paul appealing. I find Norman Vincent Peale appalling." Now I can understand that!

  2. Did you listen to it, Kathy? Blogs are for play, my language here is playful. Perhaps you don't play.

  3. Oh Clint, no I didn't listen to it. Just now I listened to the first minute or two. Truth is, I'm busy, I'm lazy, and when I get a little time, I will listen. You began: "...There is a popular kind of religiosity."

    I have nothing against "big words." I do have a problem with the direction I see parts of the Church -- Catholic and Protestant -- going.

    And yes, I do play, but not video games. All those little monster figures in the photo in your video game post freaked me out.

  4. Clint -- OK, I just listened. Here's what I heard.... I'm glad that you implied that the PPT is some sort of a (satanic?) delusion -- I agree. BTW, one of the main churches that preached it, The Crystal Cathedral, is now becoming a Catholic Cathedral. Santa Maria sopra Minerva... again? (I don't think Evangelical-ism will last... where is doctrine?...where is Authority?)

    You said that God says: "Go! You are being sent." I'll take you up on that. Problem is here: Discernment. That's a big deal. I just listened to a great series on EWTN about Ignatian Discernment. Check it out.