Wednesday, April 04, 2012

MA in Religion and Media: From my friend and former professor Mary Hess

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm excited to share the news that the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg is entering into a partnership with us at Luther, to offer an MA in religion and media. The first course in the program will be a two week intensive held on Gettysburg's campus during the last two weeks of August. Because this is a brand new program, and there aren't many publicity materials available yet, LTSG (Gettysburg) is offering full scholarships for tuition, room and board for that class for early applicants to the program. Details here:

I'll be teaching the class along with Kristin Largen from LTSG. I'm really looking forward to the possibilities, and I'm hoping that you can help us spread the word. Down the road the program will include a variety of online options, so students who don't want to relocate to Gettysburg might be interested. It is also the case that students who enroll in this program at Gettysburg have access to course offerings across the Washington DC theological consortium. ( 

We're hoping to attract a diverse array of students -- media professionals who'd like to deepen their knowledge of religion (including multiple faiths, not simply Christianity), pastoral leaders (both ordained and lay) who would like to stretch into social media and digital storytelling as a locus of pastoral practice, emerging scholars who would like to "dip their toes into the water" with an MA that has a theological emphasis, before going on to do PhD work, and so on.

I'm writing to you because I have a hunch that you might know of people like this, and could share the news of this new opportunity. 

Thanks in advance!


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