Tuesday, June 12, 2012

River Baptism

I was honored to preside at the baptism of little Abe last Saturday in the White River. A local poet attending the service posted a great essay about the day, so I'm linking to it here.


Mendy Knott summarizes her expectations and experience in winsome fashion. Of course as the presiding pastor, I come to such a baptism with slightly different religious sensibilities than Mendy, but I cherish the opportunity to hear in her own words and out of her own experience what she took away from the day and the baptism. I'd much rather you read her blog than any of my own musings, so if you haven't yet, wander above and check her blog out.

I also found her interpretation of the presence of the snake in the river refreshing. The very next day, Sunday, the lectionary included a reading from Genesis 3, the serpent narrative with Adam and Eve. I think it will be impossible for me to ever read Genesis 3 again without thinking of that snake swimming past us in the calm water.

Thanks, Mendy, for calling this almost 40-year-old a "young" Lutheran pastor. I hope to continue on this journey of faith with you.


  1. Dear Pastor Clint,
    What a great name you have--a hard one to live up to, I imagine. Thank you so much for printing my link in your blog post, and just for liking it. And thank you for your part in the little miracle that was Abe's baptism. You are a wonderful pastor and a beautiful guy. And where did you get the t-shirt with the little white collar tab? I want to get one for my brother, who is a minister at Alamo Heights Pres. in San Antonio, where he has been for 30 years.

  2. http://oldlutheran.com/mm5/merchant.mvc? is the link, there is also a package of them with all the liturgical colors, etc.

    Thanks, Mendy!

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

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