Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sinning Against the Holy Spirit

"The blasphemy resulting from bad apologetics will always be pardonable... what is not pardonable is using theology to turn real human liberation into something odious. The real sin against the Holy Spirit is refusing to recognize, with "theological" joy, some concrete liberation that is taking place before one's very eyes." (Juan Luis Segundo)

"To be captive to the way things are, to resist criticism and change, to brutally suppress efforts at humanization--is to be bypassed by the grace of God." (Ched Myers, in Binding the Strong Man).

"The only thing worth forgiving is that which is unforgivable." (Derrida)


  1. Juan Luis Segundo was a Jesuit priest and a proponent of liberation theology. Your readers might want to know that Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, has condemned liberation theology.

  2. I wonder what the pope thinks of Derrida... I know he has given the Lutheran Confessions a resounding endorsement. ;)

  3. Not sure if condemned is the right word. Ratzinger certainly criticized it as a theologian and condemned certain aspects of it (marxification/politicizing of theology and scripture).