Monday, June 25, 2012

This week in a pastor's life

We just returned last Saturday from a vacation to Tybee Island on the Georgia coast. As I'm kicking off a first week "back in the saddle," I thought this might again be a good time to offer a brief summary of what my work week looks like. 

Saturday--Spent two hours in the office in the morning catching up on the 290 e-mails awaiting me in my inbox, rehearsed Sunday worship and reviewed the bulletin, then went to visit our 100 year old member currently on hospice.

Sunday- Three Sunday morning services, then an initial meeting with a couple who plan to marry in 2013. Went to a Naturals game Sunday evening (I won't record all of what we did as a family, but you can imagine that any gaps in the work schedule are time spent with family).

Monday- Stayed home in the morning while my spouse worked on a writing project for Augsburg Fortress. Went on a jog with the youngest in a jogging stroller and put together a majority of my sermon for Sunday. Two visits at the hospital, one home visit, and now writing, prepping lesson plans, and blogging at the coffee shop. This evening, first bible study and supper with our group planning to organize the launch of a catechumenal process this fall.

Tuesday- Office day in the morning, catch up with staff on various plans including new member classes, VBS, parish nurse conversation; review plans for special Independence Day worship, and visit with our Bears group. A bit of time brainstorming how to expand our feeding ministry right in our own neighborhood. Tuesday evening lead literary fiction discussion group at Nightbird Books discussing Geraldine Brook's Caleb's Crossing. A novel with powerful religious themes perfect to be reading during the 4th of July holiday season.

Wednesday- I'm the chauffeur, driving our new church bus up to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville with a full busload of church members. Write some thank you notes.

Thursday- Breakfast meeting with new members and artist friends to start planning a series of four or five curated worship events in the downtown Fayetteville area during the 2012-2013 academic year. Little Bread on Block St. 8 a.m. if you want to join us. Lunch meeting (sushi) with a couple I met a few weeks ago who are long-standing guild leaders in World of Warcraft who want to talk with me about MMORPGs as "faith" formation resources. Start work in between on two essays I need to write, one a cultural piece hopefully for Oxford American, the other seasonal essays for Sundays & Seasons 2014.

Friday- day of rest

Saturday- day of rest

Sunday- One Independence weekend worship service 10 a.m. followed by a community meal catered by Penguin Ed's BBQ. Can't wait to preach on the gospel text and epistle, which I've commented on at

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