Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recondite provocations

A baker's dozen (in continuing protest of the metric system)

1. You don't get to choose.

2. Now is not now. And the world is everything that is the case.

3. In ten years you will "be" the device that connects to the Internet.

4. No, you will "be" the Internet.

5. This will be a utopian dream and a dystopian nightmare--many will be surprised for whom and by which.

6. In twenty years any churches still remaining will be their own seminaries.

7. Those who disconnect from the digital sensorium will do so for agnostic reasons, but just so this will be the new pietism.

8. In fifty years, none of this will matter because everyone will be trying to figure out how they can move to northern Canada or Siberia.

9. No, that won't happen at all. It's just a tactic to get you to buy iPhones and a Prius.

10. In ten years everything you eat will be made from corn. Except for what is made from soybeans. Except the parts that aren't. And anyway this is already true.

11. Everything old will be new again. But suspended in the middle with a patina of cool.

12. Some day all art will be everybody's, all of us will be authors, and normal will be the new apocalyptic.

13. Somewhere somebody will finally clear up all the confusion between Incarnational Christianity and Gnostic Religiosity. But nobody will be there to hear it.

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