Friday, November 09, 2012

Global Church and Media Culture and Minnesota Travels #LutherCML

This week as many of you probably know I'm up in Minnesota for a series of events. Wednesday I preached at St. Olaf College (you can view streaming video of that here if it interests you: On Thursday I visited part of our denominational publishing house, Sparkhouse, and met with the publisher. I write some material for them but had never formally met any of the staff. Then Thursday evening I was at a supper with the Congregational Missional Leadership Cohort of Luther Seminary. This was really fruitful time in relationship to our Pastor of New Communities position, first because I actually met some people who train, or are in training to be, mission developers, but also because I had the chance after the supper to sit down for about a two hour meeting with Neil Harrison, the program director for congregational renewal in the ELCA, and therefore especially able to help set some direction for who we receive as candidate names for the call committee in the future, etc. 

Today I'm leading workshops at the Global Church and Media Culture consultation at Luther Seminary. If you have interest, you can watch the streaming of this event here: today in the morning and again tomorrow morning. Alternatively, you can follow people Tweeting the event at #LutherCML It's fun to be up at my alma mater after long absence, and especially fun to be invited to be a presenter at this event. All in all, this has been a very "meta-" church week for me, beginning with the bishop's visit last weekend, then continuing with these stops at St. Olaf and Luther Seminary. 

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