Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Ash Wednesday Sermon on Matthew 5

Testimonial from a parishioner, used with permission.

"Good morning!
I’m not good at expressing how I feel but last night’s message really touched me.  It was a heart-opening understanding of what is God’s love.  I’ve always said the my God is a loving and just God, but I’ve always wanted Him to “smite” those that hurt me and often get mad because they keep getting “rewarded” even though I think they’re awful people.  After listening last night, I understand why that is and when I understood that, it seemed like a lot more of my relationship with God fell into place.  Since we just finished up the Sunday School session about the Prodigal Son, I put what you taught last night in with that story and realized I’m the eldest son.  I want to be rewarded for being good and faithful and I’m very upset when He welcomes and rewards those that abandoned Him.  I realize that story is not only about forgiveness but about unconditional love.

Thank you for speaking to me last night."

Here's the audio of the sermon:

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