Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Church Marketing Sucks

I did not make up the title of this blog post. It's the name of a web site designed to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate well.

Today I visited Sam's Club in Bentonville, Arkansas. I was treated to lunch by an incredibly kind employee of Sam's Club who also worships at our congregation often.

On the way out, I stood in the foyer of the Sam's Club Corporate Headquarters, and looked around. You can see the photos below and to the right.

People often chastise churches for hosting unattractive web sites. And it is true, a lot of church web sites are ugly. 

However, seeing the entryway to Sam's Club reminded me that we could do much more to make our own church facilities, hallways, narthexes, and offices look more like an excellent church web site.

So, two ideas to encourage you in your summer planning.

1) Have you printed really big pictures of the ministries you care about and graced your church walls with them? If not, why not? It communicates who you are.

2) If you have a mission statement, values statement, and strategic plan, are they displayed prominently in your church facility? Are you making plans to get them up there? If not, why not? It will tell your visitors who you are, and remind your congregation weekly of its core values and vision.


  1. nice - great to extrapolate the idea to churches!

  2. A helpful observation. I spent some time working at Walt Disney World in Florida where brand recognition/marketing and communication are all over the place and, fit the most part, very well done. I'm in my first call serving a congregation that is in a ripe place for thinking missionally like this in a watt to communicate who we are and how the ministry of Christ is in or midst. Thanks for sharing!