Saturday, August 10, 2013

Advocacy in August Matters: Compassionate Immigration Reform #LIRS

It gets really hot and humid in Washington D.C. in August, so it's the month to go on recess. Congressional leaders and politicians of all stripes return to their home districts for work and leisure. They'll read the newspaper. Their staffers will read their newspapers. They'll talk to their constituents. They'll go fishing and reflect deeply on the momentous decisions they are called on to make as elected officials.

And then this fall, they'll return to vote on comprehensive immigration reform. 

Voices of faith can make a huge difference. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, for which I am a huge advocate, is busy advocating for fair and humane reform this month, and you can participate. It takes your time, and your effort to write letters, either to congressional leaders, or to your local newspaper. 

You can use a simple tool at LIRS to write to your representatives,

At the very least, you can learn. Here are some great resources from LIRS:

Or use the following letter as a template and re-write it for your own context:

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