Saturday, November 02, 2013

Best jazz albums of 2013

Although some really great indie rock records have emerged this past year, especially Arcade Fire's spectacular Reflektor, for some reason I have been making a decided shift this fall back to jazz. And--Lord have mercy--some spectacular jazz is being made.

So, in the tradition of "best albums" lists, I'm offering this fall not a list of indie rock bests, of which you can find many lists elsewhere, instead I'm listing my favorite jazz albums of 2013.

Best all around trio standards--added bonus, vibraphone:

Best avant garde jazz--added bonus, circular breathing:

Best Christmas album--added bonus, big band that's cool:

Classic quartet brilliance--added bonus, Wayne Shorter:

Large ensemble jazz--added bonus, a Queen cover:

Terence Blanchard--added bonus, 'nuf said:

Best female vocals--added bonus, lots of originals:

Best jazz blog and album--added bonus, it's steampunk:

Best Asian-influenced jazz--added bonus, awesome cover art:

Cuban fusion--added bonus, Chucho Valdes:

Best new young artists--added bonus, a Bon Iver cover:

Best drummer--added bonus, a musician's musician:

Best hip hop fusion:

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  1. You forgot Andrew Hill, Point of Departure (Blue Note, 1964). That's easily the best jazz album of 2013.