Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Technology and Faith Top Ten Reading List

Interested in thinking more intentionally about the intersection of faith and technology in an era when both play such a major cultural role? Consider these:

A great primer on faith as it is lived out on a variety of social media platforms.

A how-to ministry resource for the church in social media.

A fantastic book by a leading Christian commentator on film and video games.

Two books with contrasting views of how we should think about faith and gaming.

I would be remiss not mentioning that I've written a book on faith formation in a transmedia era. Quite a lot of the book examines the role of media as technology. The bibliography contains an even more exhaustive list of reads to consider, and/or look through the list of books people have purchased on Amazon when they purchased Mediating Faith.

My four favorite works of theology relative to new technologies.

Two books, from different eras and by quite different authors, that offer warnings about new media. I can't stop thinking about the Eggers novel, and it has dramatically changed how I approach new media in its totalizing aspects. And Benjamin is Benjamin, your movie watching will never be the same after reading his essay on mechanical reproducibility.

The enigmatic "father" of new media studies and faith formation.

Two great sci-fi novels to consider (both are amazing but will take some work to read well).

Ethnography of technology, faith, and human formation (boyd is hopeful, Turkle more skeptical).


  1. Blessed, honored...to be on this list and to be called to this ministry.

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