Friday, February 19, 2016

This one thing will strengthen the church more than anything else... and it may surprise you

Pastor and parishioner talk
The pious answer is either Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Those are also good answers.

But if you care about the church, this one thing will do more than anything else. Guaranteed.

Every Christian, every church member, schedules an individual meeting with their pastor.

In that meeting, they share with their pastor how they're called to serve in the congregation, in their family, and in the world.

Each person in this meeting asks not what the church can do for them, or what they can get out of church, but what they can do individually for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God.

They talk about some concrete ways to make the vision a reality, such as worship, study, new connections, mentors, service in leadership or support roles, etc. They write it all down.

Then they pray, the pastor offers absolution for past sins and support in the Holy Spirit for the plan for the next year.

Then they set a date on the calendar to meet the year following to evaluate how the year went.

Each pastor does the same thing with their bishop or mentor.

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