Monday, October 26, 2015

Modern Orthodox Thinkers

Instead of attempting to describe "orthodox theology" in the modern era, something Louth believes is problematic because there is no specifically orthodox theology and only individual orthodox thinkers can contribute to orthodox thought, Louth offers this work, originally a series of lectures, that introduce readers to significant orthodox thinkers. It's really a spectacular approach. Louth believes the Philokalia itself represents a major turning point, a return to the sources that distinguishes orthodox thought from more Western modalaties (in particular Idealism). 

But what is wonderful about this book is the simplicity of the idea, spend a chapter on an individual thinker, and cast the net as wide as possible, including thinkers of all sorts, in particular lay theologians and non-professional theologians who truly represent modern orthodox theology.

This book will be a revelation to those unfamiliar with orthodoxy, and can serve as an excellent introduction. For those already familiar with the general scope of modern orthodox theology, this will be an essential work distinguishing and comparing the variety of orthodox theologians. Highly recommended!

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