Monday, December 07, 2015

A Christian Syllabus on Islam

I am by no means an interfaith expert, so please take this syllabus in the spirit it is offered, as a starting point, suggestions from a Christian blogger on a starting point in order to understand our faith in relationship to Islam better.

First, watch Of Gods and Men. Then watch it again. Then watch it again.

Next, read A Common Word.

For excellent tools to overcome blatant Islamophobia, read:

For the great and classic text that will change your life:

For an argument that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, from one of our greatest living theologians:

And a similar expression of faith from a Muslim scholar:

Finally, a recent and accessible study Qur'an:

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  1. "Of Gods and Men" has been one of my favorite movies for a while now and I've sen it at least half a dozen times. Your blog reminds me to watch it again. Thank-you.