Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Psalms Chanted on mp3

Who knew that there was a Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood? They've recorded versions of the psalms chanted Gregorian-ly... Which reminds me that I had a dream the other day where I was listing my favorite Psalms to a group, for some unknown reason. They were pretty typical: Psalm 1 (the law), Psalms 22 & 23, Psalm 50 & 51 (confession), Psalm 34 (he keeps all their bones), Psalm 95, Psalm 119. Maybe the most unusual to make the list, but my actual favorite, is Psalm 82, "I say, 'You are gods, children of the Most High, all of you."

Maybe if I keep reading the psalms regularly, they'll become more and more part of my dreams. that would be wonderful!

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