Monday, October 30, 2006

2006 Elections

I haven't had the urge to write anything about the upcoming elections because, to be honest, most of our political process has become painful to me. I did get out and do literature drop for some of my candidates this past week, but somehow, with all the negative campaigning and advertisements, I just feel disenchanted.

Maybe I'm also sometimes disenchanted because both parties, in fact most of those who campaign, seem to wish to present themselves as the answer and solution, as almost salvific, in the midst of various quagmires, moral imperatives, etc. I tend not to wish to buy into such nonsense.

If you'd like to do something practical and worthwhile, though, do this: Visit the Bread of the World web site this next week, and write advocacy letters to your members of congress encouraging high levels of poverty-focused development assistance. It'll be good if, after the elections, the first thing they hear is that their constituents care about hunger and poverty worldwide.

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