Monday, October 23, 2006

Listening to the Samples Again for the First Time

Today I got out an old album I hadn't put in the CD player for years, The Sample's Underwater People. I fell in love with The Samples the summer I worked out at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Bible Camp in Colorado. One Saturday (we only ever had 24 hours off on weekends between weeks of camp) we drove up to Vail, CO, to see them live. It was the first time I ever bought a McDonalds value meal that cost over $8 (Vail was and still is exorbinantly expensive).

They're a great band in concert, and there was something dreamy about rolling through the mountains on that day, then hearing the concert, then ghosting back across the mountains at night so as to be back for camp the next day.

I played the CD because it is very reggae-like and fun, and I thought my son would like dancing to it with me. He did. We hugged our way through the last song, "Feel Us Shakin", which includes this great line, sung pitch perfect, "It's beautiful to be here and alive."

If you can check the album out from a library or buy it, do so. It's not just my memories that make the album come alive. It's really just plain fun.

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  1. My girls love it when I get out my collection of 45's and play them on the stereo. After the usual, I can't believe that's how you listened to music way back then comments, we end up dancing and having a great time. Their favorites are My Girl by the Temptations, and Ma Belle Amie by The Tee Set.