Monday, October 23, 2006

Starting a Pastorate in Idaho

After I wrote a brief blog post about our new kitchen table, the wife of a retired pastor in our congregation, wrote me the following, reprinted with her permission:

Your kitchen table and chairs brought back some memories. When we went to Idaho for Stan’s first call we had a card table, a coffee table, and a dressing table. No bed. We had to spend the first night in a hotel.

It was right after the WWII so there were few appliances available. Every Monday, before making calls (on foot since we had no car the first 3 years we were married) Stan would visit all the hardware stores trying to find a stove and refrigerator. We had a tiny ice box. When we put the ice in there was only room for the baby’s formula. He, also, visited the garages looking for a new car. Oh, that wonderful day when we had got our little Nash 600. When Stan said, “Let’s run up to Boise” it was like a new world had opened up for us. SO I can appreciate your pleasure in your table and chairs. M.E

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