Monday, February 19, 2007

30 Minutes of E-mail Per Day

My "Lenten discipline advisor" has now, through laborious spiritual discernment, assigned me my Lenten discipline. I'm only allowed to do 30 minutes of e-mail correspondence per day, preferably in one block of time in the morning.

I confess- I became addicted to e-mail WAY back in the day, when a computer science student and friend from Iowa State and I figured out how to get e-mails back and forth to each other over a modem dial-up connection in our dorm rooms (this was in 1991!). At that time, you had to know the e-mail address as well as router information to get e-mails through various domains and servers. It was painful. Nevertheless, I was addicted. I admit to checking e-mail many times a day.

So, this discipline will be, hopefully, and by the grace of God, what true Christian disciplines actually are- exercises in freedom.


  1. Chip Frontz7:11 PM

    You have a wise advisor. I worry greatly about the effect of internet access on ministry - mine as well as others. Blessed Lent.

  2. Clint,
    I am forgoing completely the internet forums that are unconnected with my ministry. I have found a great deal of time is wasted there, detracting from my human relationships and my vocation.

    But I will still post to my blog. :)

    Grace and peace on this holy and blessed day.