Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucinda Williams and David Byrne

Luncinda's new album "West" is haunting and beautiful, and I commend it to all. Also, for those who are Talking Heads fans, I just learned that David Byrne has a great solo career. The "father" of Indie rock, or something, so says NY Times. I've been getting as many of his albums from the library as I can find, and listening to them quite a lot (the cool thing about older albums is there aren't usually many holds on them at the library, so you can get them immediately, and renew. These are the kinds of things you learn when your spouse is a public librarian).

Re-read the paragraph above. Blogging and grammar, at least on Lutheran Confessions, don't always go together.

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  1. Not only a patriarch of indie rock, but a pioneer of PowerPoint based art too!