Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reading Room - Sunday Book Review - New York Times Blog

Reading Room - Sunday Book Review - Month long discussion of War & Peace


  1. Clint,
    Thanks for alerting me to this. I started War and Peace this summer with the pledge that this time I would make it past the first 60 pages. And now I'm almost to the halfway point. It's great reading on the train ride....

    Anyways, glad to see the conversation going on. For the moment, I'm going to stick to the text, though, and enjoy the reading.


  2. Ben,

    I also read War & Peace mostly on trains. I had a dog-eared small paperback version, some older Penguin translation, that I read on weekend trips when we were missionaries in Slovakia. If I had really been ambitious, I should have been using it as a chance to learn Russian, but as it is, I can say I've read it and loved it, but don't know whether I'll return to it right now... New translations are always tempting, though.