Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Faith and Worker Justice Bibliography

Since the state I just moved from (Wisconsin) is having significant struggles on the collective bargaining front, and since the state I just moved to is a "Right to Work" state, a concept I'm still getting my head around, -and- since I've been in the mood to write bibliographies, here's another one, this one on faith and the social gospel and worker justice. All of these are great resources on organizing and how to think of the dignity of work from a Christian perspective.

A Worker Justice Reader: Essential Writings on Religion and Labor Recently published by Interfaith Worker Justice, a great organization working in communities around the country.

Blue Collar Jesus: How Christianity Supports Workers' Rights- Written by a good friend and colleague in the pastor-theologian program of CTI.

Blue Collar Resistance and the Politics of Jesus: Doing Ministry with Working Class Whites I simply adore the writings of Tex Sample, and this is one of his best!

Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st Century: The Classic That Woke Up the Church Indeed!

Organizing for Social Change 4th Edition Written by the executive director of IWJ.

Doing Justice: Congregations and Community Organizing What grass roots organizing looks like at the congregational level.

And of course, if you go in for such things as reading social statements published by denominations (I do), then here's the link to the ELCA social statement on economic life:

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  1. I don't understand "right to work." Do you have some resource? As I understand it really means "right to be terminated for no good reason at all."