Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reward for anyone who can identify the source of this quote:

"We teach that rewards have been offered and promised to the works of the faithful. We teach that good works are meritorious—not for the forgiveness of sins, grace, or justification (for we obtain these only by faith) but for other physical and spiritual rewards in this life and in that which is to come, as Paul says (1 Cor 3:8), "Each shall receive his wages according to his labor." Therefore there will be different rewards for different labors."

And this one:

"In this sense we concede that Christians have merit and a reward with God, but not in order to make them children of God and heirs of eternal life. Rather it is intended to console believers who al­ ready have this, to let them know that He will not leave unrewarded what they suffer here for Christ's sake, but that if they suffer much and labor much, He will adorn them specially on the Last Day, more and more gloriously than the others, as special stars that are greater than others... a recompense of greater glory for greater suffering"


  1. Eric Evers8:56 AM

    The first one: it's got to be the Apology to the AC, right? I'm guessing article 4.

    The second one, I'm not sure...

  2. You're right on #1, you get a reward. As for the second... His wife made good beer.

  3. Eric Evers1:58 PM

    Well sure it's Luther, but where? It's not the Smalcald Articles... Is it Two Kinds of Righteousness?

  4. Luther's Post-Script to his commentary on the Sermon on the Mount.