Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Augustine's City of God

For those interested in book discussion groups and the "classics" of theological literature, I'm launching a discussion of The City of God: Books 1-10 (I/6) (Works of Saint Augustine)in a Facebook group in 2013. Augustine's magnum opus is a book I very much want to read, but need a community to read it with. If you share interest in this, consider joining us here: City of God

The second volume from New City Press will ship in May or June of 2013, so if you order the first volume now, our reading schedule will bring you through volume one just about the time volume two comes out. There are of course other translations available, such as the widely recommended City of God (Penguin Classics) translation. 

However, I love new fresh translations and study volumes, and the New City Press's labor of love, fresh translations of Augustine's works for the 21st century, fits the bill nicely.

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