Thursday, November 22, 2012

Don't miss these Black Friday Savings!

You can save money on Black Friday if you camp out in a parking lot Thursday night or wake up insanely early Friday morning. 

Or your money can "save" others in the real sense of that term if you donate to a worthy charity. I recommend the following as your best options for true Black Friday Savings! Many of us are looking for places to do end-of-the-year gift-giving. These are excellent options.

1. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is our go-to charity for global relief. They do incredible and creative work all over the world, and spend less on overhead than almost all comparable charitable organizations. 

2. Both LWR, and the ELCA, its sister denomination, are conducting anti-malaria campaigns. Consider a donation to the ELCA Malaria Campaign. They have the realistic goal of ending malaria worldwide.

3. I would be re-miss not to mention our own congregation as a worthy recipient of your end of the year giving. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church does great ministry in Northwest Arkansas, connecting people to God through the gospel of Christ and bringing the Lutheran emphasis on freedom in Christ to our neighborhood and region. 

4. We make an annual gift to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. They're focus on resettling refugees in our country, and advocating for immigrant and refugee issues, is inspiring and important.

By all means, also enjoy shopping as you are willing or able on Friday, and Thanksgiving blessings to all. But do consider generous donations to these worth black Friday savings groups.

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