Monday, February 03, 2014

Book Release Social Media Extravaganza

Mediating Faith launched this last weekend, and I wonder if you can help me out? Take all the following actions today.

1. Visit the Fortress Press page and enter the free book giveaway and consultation. Just click on the Giveaway tab.

2. While you're there, click on the link to the Fortress Press Forum Facebook group and join the conversation. 

3. Share a link to the book in your social networks. Use the Fortress Press link, or Amazon

4. Write a review and post it on Amazon. Positive Amazon reviews and ratings really help, because it develops a community conversation around the book. Your review doesn't have to be long. Write a short review, and give it five stars. *grin*


  1. Excited and happy for you. Awaiting permission to download from the online service.

  2. The Spring 2014 Edelweiss catalog should go live later this week and will include the book.