Monday, February 03, 2014

#bookselfies #mediatingfaith

Augsburg Fortress CEO Beth Lewis may have started a new book meme. I've been calling them #bookselfies for #mediatingfaith

These are all taken by readers (of blessed memory) raptured after having received a copy of Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era.

Once you have the book in hand, God out of His great love for you, takes you to Himself for all eternity. Everyone else is Left Behind. Except for the author. He stands in the breach and ushers others on the heavenly journey. So get your rapture book today, and let it mediate your faith.

Pastor David Hansen
Neighbor and parishioner Stephen Heard

ELCA Youth Ministry Network Guru Todd Buegler

Faith Ink Guru Rich Melheim

Captured by Michael Sladek

Augsburg Fortress CEO Beth Lewis

Awesome Pastor Matt Toso

Bethany Stolle of Sparkhouse
Pastor David Glesne
Pastor Scott Alan Johnson
Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo
Deaconess Jennifer Clark Tinker
Chris Halvorson, pastor

Plus one video interview:

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