Thursday, March 17, 2005

Complicity Sunday

So at least the last few Passion Sundays, my focus in preaching has been, one way or another, the complicity of the people in Christ's crucifixion. There are "powers" that are complicit, for sure, including the leaders of the synagogue and the politicos. But preaching is contemporary, personal or communal address, and I've always assumed the responsibility of preaching OUR complicity in Christ's crucifixion.

If we are indeed united in Christ in a death like his (by way of baptism), and are promised a resurrection like his (by way of his promises and God's raising Jesus from the dead), it seems apparent that we had been at one time united in an Old Adam, the very one that rejected and killed Jesus.

Matthew has a unique way of gospeling this part of the Passion. I need to make some notes on it later today.

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