Mediating Faith: Faith Formation in a Trans-media Era

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Sundays and Seasons Seasonal Essays, 2010, 2011, 2012

Spark Bible, 1 and 2 Chronicles content

Four primary lesson plans for Washed and Welcomed: A Baptismal Sourcebook

Church in Waiting: Studies in Advent Year A, Book of Faith series

Articles in Word & World:

Paul is a Fool, Fall, 2010.

Truly Our Sister: A Conversation with Elizabeth Johnson on Mary, Winter 2005.

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Reviews written for the Journal of Lutheran Ethics:

Disruptive Grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth, by George Hunsinger,
Volume 4, Issue 6, 2004.

A Politics of the Cross, Craig Carter, 2002.

Reviews written for Word & World:

Defending Constantine, by Peter Leithart, fall 2011

How to read the Bible: a guide to scripture, then and now, by James Kugel, 29 no 4 fall 2009, p. 431-432.

Rethinking Christ and culture: a post-Christendom perspective. By Craig Carter, 28 no 1 Wint 2008, p 106, 108.

The scandalous God: the use and abuse of the cross, by Vitor Westhelle, 28 no 4 Fall 2008, p 442, 444.

The making of American liberal theology: crisis, irony, and postmodernity, 1950-2005 by Gary Dorrien. 28 no 2 Spr 2008, p 220-222, 224.

Paying attention: focusing your congregation on what matters. 27 no 1 Wint 2007, p 116-118.

After the Spirit: a constructive pneumatology from resources outside the modern West, by Eugene Rogers, no 2 Spr 2007, p 228, 230, 232.

Blessed with tourists: the borderlands of religion and tourism in San Antonio, by Thomas Bremer, 26 no 4 Aut 2006, p 456-458

On thinking the human: resolutions of difficult notions, by Robert Jenson, 25 no 1 Wint 2005, p 92-96.

The politics of the cross: the theology and social ethics of John Howard Yoder, by Craig Carter, 24 no 4 Fall 2004, p 456-458.

The Barthian revolt in modern theology: theology without weapons, by Gary Dorrien, 22 no 3 Sum 2002, p 314-320.

A bishop's tale: Mathias Hovius among his flock in 17th-century Flanders, by Craig Harlin and Eddie Put, 21 no 4 Fall 2001, p 444-448.

Radical orthodoxy: a new theology, by John Milbank, Catherine Pickstock, and Graham Ward, 21 no 3 Sum 2001, p 312-318.