Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Training for Syttende Mai

Yesterday I ran my longest pre-race training run, 15 miles, and lost my toenail on my right big toe in the last two miles or so. All that pounding. When you head out for a jog that is longer than two hours, there's a while different phenomenon that occurs mentally and physically. For one, all the pounding does strange things to your body. Second, you can smell ammonia at the end of your run. Third, your mind just kind of blanks out and absorbs the hours. It doesn't seem long at all.

I'm still taking pledge for the run to benefit Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. The national office is even doing a fund-raiser for my run. Visit www.eastkoshkonong.org and get our church address if you'd like to make a gift.


  1. Thanks for the good run today. And the good conversation. I appreciated the extra encouragement at the end. Come hell or high water, I'm finishing that 20-miler.

  2. You're welcome, yes it was, and yes you will!

  3. Anonymous5:27 AM

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