Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Failure to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

LIRS Responds to Senate's Failure to Pass Comprehensive Reform Bill

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is deeply disappointed that the
Senate failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation this
year. Our nation sorely needs a humane, workable system that promotes
family unity, safeguards human rights and worker rights, brings
undocumented people out of the shadows, and provides a path to

The U.S. immigration system is still broken. Twelve million are still
undocumented-people who continue to be marginalized, even though they
provide vital services for our community and economy. Families are still
unable to unite for five, 10, 15 or more years. Employers are still
unable to acquire documentation for needed workers. And our nation's
immigration system continues to be inconsistent with our values-it
hinders the unity and well-being of families, and controverts our
tradition as a nation of immigrants. Moreover, our failure to integrate
the undocumented through earned legalization undermines our values as a
nation of laws. Although they live among us, undocumented people are not
brought fully into the blessings, protections and responsibilities of
our system of laws and community life.

With the absence of legislative action, it is even more critical that
our government not resort to an enforcement-only approach to our broken
system by stepping up raids, arrests, detention and deportation of the
undocumented. Not only would such an approach be fundamentally
unworkable, it would be inhumane, contrary to the common good and
inconsistent with our values.

We believe that all people are made in the image and likeness of God,
and that we should therefore treat all with dignity and compassion. We
call upon the Lutheran community and others of good will to welcome the
stranger in our midst and to build welcoming, caring communities. We
urge Congress and the administration to take a comprehensive,
compassionate and consistent approach to repairing our broken
immigration system.

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