Friday, July 13, 2007

Untamed Hospitality | Chapter One

The rhythms of summer and camp have thrown me off a bit, but last week I was supposed to have begun a series of posts on Elizabeth Newman's Untamed Hospitality.

Her first chapter simply reminds us that in order to provide hospitality, we need a home. We need to know where we are. Christians are unique in being pilgrims who have a home.

So where are we? Getting situated, knowing where we are (which includes knowing whose we are) is a first step in welcoming. Another name for untamed hospitality might be radically local. We are called to really be where we are. Probably lots of our modern world keeps us from remembering this. Maybe especially blogs.

That's enough ironic late-night rambling. More thoughtful posts to follow, but I do encourage fellow travelers and conversationalists, if you wish to pick up the book.

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