Monday, September 03, 2007

Blog Schedule

I've been spending time thinking about blogging and the practice of writing. Blog posts here tend to be related only to the blog itself, not to a larger vision of the writing life. So I'm going to try and follow a pattern for blogging that enhances what I'm also trying to do for writing and publications in other areas.

For one example of something recent I've written, check out the summer issue of The Lutheran Forum.

So here is the schedule:

Sunday- book comments/reviews
Monday- teasers for a future book
Tuesday- music, movie, recreational comments
Wednesday- reflections on doctor of ministry studies
Thursday- Advocacy, social justice reflections
Friday- day off, no posts
Saturday- Bible study and/or Lutheran Confessions commentary

Feel free to comment if, as a reader, you're hoping for other content on the blog.

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