Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Longer Silent

No Longer Silent Tex Sample provides a helpful, clear, and brief argument, grounded in Scripture and tradition, for gay marriage.

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  1. Sorry Clint,

    I know you might not ever post this note, but I thought I should comment to you anyway. As a young pastor early in your ministry I hope to encourage you with this note, rather then offend. But, because of the emotional responses this issue seems to always elicit I am well aware that my intent may not be realized in your reading of this note.

    IMO this article is not a serious defense, lacks citation, and totally diminishes the context of the texts in question. As Lutheran pastors, the first thing we learn is that Scripture interprets Scripture. Stay with the Word and heed Christ's warning to those who are ashamed of his name and his Gospel.

    The Gospel never condemns. That's the Law's job and it condemns all sinful behavior including sexual sin. The Gospel is there to heal us after the sin, to declare us righteous, to counter act sin, not to ignore sin. How is saying homosexuality is no longer a sin or that we should tollerate it as acceptable because we fear offending them or because its the loving thing to do? Its like enabling an alcoholic because we don't want to offend him/her and don't want them to think we love them--even though we know that their behaviour is dangerous, antisocial and self-destructive. We even know that some people are predisposed to alcoholic tendancies, but as a society we fight it because its good for society and individuals for us to do so.

    We can debate whether or not a person is inherently made gay or straight. I really think that its probably the case. I beleive I am made in such a way that makes me desire more food and less excercize that my body needs. That makes me overweight. That doesn't mean God wants me to act on behaviors that my biology (corrupted by sin) would lead me toward. I also beleive that this is not the image which God intends for me. My behaviour is therefore sinful and I need to refrain from that sin.

    The same is true for any behaviour which takes us away from what God wants for us whether that be greed, clutony, selfishness, or idolotry (spoken of often in the linked text but, curiously, never applied to homosexuality).

    I would encourage you, if you truly believe homosexual marriage is God's will for man(or woman) that you would do the hard work of studying the Word, praying over the Word, and then studying the Word again--and be ready for God to speak to you through that Word.

    In the end, I pray that God will use you mightily to conduct a powerful ministry of the Gospel to and through the people he has called you to--regardless of how they are made--that through all our efforts only Christ Crucified for sinners might be seen and glorified.

    Peace and blessings to you today,