Monday, July 19, 2010

Advent 2011

Let's say it's fall 2011 and you're anticipating another transition into the Advent season and the beginning of another liturgical year. As a person of faith, you're thinking about Advent, what it means, and are maybe especially interested in committing to studying and thinking through the lectionary texts that are read during Advent, with their special focus on the coming of Christ among us, his second coming, John the Baptist, etc.

What's on your heart and mind? What new things would you like to learn? What's kind of "old hat" to you that you'd prefer wasn't in an Advent study? What would especially draw you to participate in a study during Advent? What historical/literary/Lutheran/devotional questions would you have?

What would you look for in a group to study with? Might you form your own group and lead it? What kind of resources would help you?

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