Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Series - Pentecostal Manifestos - Series - Pentecostal Manifestos is intriguing. Any other Lutherans out there wonder what the relationship between Pentecostalism and Lutheranism might be?


  1. I am one, Clint! I presented a paper on this very topic that will be revised into an article for Dialog to come out probably early next year. Strasbourg also brought together some Pentecostal and Lutheran scholars for dialogue; Ken Appold is supposed to have written up a report on the converations.
    Cheryl Peterson

  2. Cheryl, I'd love to read your article early if you're open to e-mailing it to me. Thanks!

    1. Cheryl Peterson8:40 PM

      Wow, I just came across this blog entry again in my new research on this topic. Apologies for not sending the article early--I never saw your post in response to mine. The article appeared last summer in Dialog. I am working now on an outline for a book on the Holy Spirit in the Christian Life and will be doing much more research in this area. If you are still interested in this topic, maybe we can dialogue--but I would recommend doing it via email!