Tuesday, March 01, 2016

End Wage Theft

Dear Clint,

I’ll be brief so you can use the next few minutes to take action. 
Representative Keith Ellison at today's Pay Stub Disclosure Act press conference.
As I write this, leaders with worker centers and faith groups in the IWJ network from across the country are on Capitol Hill right now to urge their representatives to co-sponsor Rep. Bobby Scott’s Pay Stub Disclosure Act (HR 4376), a law that would mandate all workers receive documentation of their pay.

Will you join this national wave of workers, faith and labor fighters in taking a stand against wage theft?

Too often, wage theft occurs when workers’ pay is illegally whittled down by undercounting the hours they worked, paying illegal wage rates or taking unauthorized deductions. 

The Pay Stub Disclosure Act would make it much more difficult to cheat employees out of their wages. 

Take three minutes right now and contact your representative about signing on as a co-sponsor to the Pay Stub Disclosure Act. 

Wage theft in America costs countless workers billions of dollars every year. 

In Los Angeles alone, a UCLA study found that workers in the city lose $26 million every week to wage theft.

Interfaith Worker Justice and many worker advocates around the country are please to support Rep. Scott’s bill and encourage all members of the U.S. House of Representatives to co-sponsor HR 4376 and ensure that working men and women covered by the Fair Labor Standard Act receive pay stubs. 

Will you take action and help build support for this vital bill?

Together, we can end wage theft in America for good. 
Thanks for taking action.
In solidarity,
Marien Casillas Pabellon
Organizing Director
Interfaith Worker Justice 

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