Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stand with Refugees June 12-16

Stand With Refugees Campaign, June 12-16 

Join the movement. 

In coalition with Refugee Council USA, LIRS is participating in a call-in week leading up to World Refugee Day. We encourage you to post this on your website, social media, and share with your networks including volunteers and supporters. We are trying to get over 100,000 people to call in support of refugees.

World Refugee Day is on June 20. So, in the lead up to this important date, from June 12th to 16th, let’s join together to call our lawmakers and send a powerful message: We welcome refugees.

Call 1-844-4STAND5 (1-844-477-3255) and we’ll connect you directly to your representative and senators.

1) Share the campaign info with your affiliate offices
            a. Ask your affiliates to print out the flyer and post it prominently in your office
            b. Highlight the campaign in local office online newsletters, email communications, and on your social media feeds 

2) Spread the word via email and social media NOW– work with your communications team to schedule social media posts ahead of time
            a. Ask people to text “STAND” to 313131 to get a reminder to call on June 12th 
            b. Remind people to call on June 12th-16th 
            c. Share about this campaign at any events, picnics, fundraisers, etc.

3) Ask local businesses/employers to partner in the campaign by sharing info with their employees and on social media. For any organization or business who wants to partner, they can email

• Ask people to text “STAND” to 313131 until June 12th
• Call 1-844-4-STAND5 from June 12th-16th
• Celebrate refugees on June 20th- World Refugee Day

(Note that on the evening of June 11, we will switch the landing page’s call-to-action to be a form that when filled out, will automatically patch the user through to their representatives.)

The communications/social media toolkit is downloadable via the Stand With Refugees Campaign website which includes posters, social media graphics, etc.

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